After completing Chapter 2: A New Journey Begins, you’ll know all the fundamentals of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This walkthrough guide for Chapter 3: Deeper into Darkness in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will tell you everything you need to know for the third chapter. This includes all item locations, rewards, and how to beat the bosses!

Chapter 3: Deeper into Darkness in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth once again features four unique stages. This time however, there’s two boss encounters to face!

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Chapter 3: Deeper into Darkness Walkthrough Guide

Following the Cloaked Figures Walkthrough

1Follow the path through the mine.
2Ahead you’ll see some people in black robes.
3Approach them and a cutscene will begin.

Where they Lead Walkthrough

1After the cutscene, Barret and Red XIII will have left the group. Continue following the rest of the robed individuals deeper into the mine.
AP Up Materia: Pick up the purple Materia before heading down the stairs.
Sylph Gloves: A new weapon for Tifa can also be obtained from the treasure chest along the way.
2Once you arrive in the Mythril Quarry – 2nd Tier, pick up the Ether inside the nearby chest beside the stairs. Proceed to fight the Ogre.
3After defeating the Ogre, there is another open area with a different enemy. Here you will find a treasure chest containing Chunks of Iron Ore.
4Upon reaching a dead end, have Cloud move the mine cart to open a path.
5Continue heading straight and look for a way to go up to the exit.
6When you reach the broken ladder, you’ll need to push the nearby mine cart next to it to climb to the bridge. The nearby treasure chest contains Hi-Potions x3.
7Cross the bridge and turn to your left. You will see stairs that will lead you down to the Central Quarry. Here you will find a treasure chest that contains Lea Titanium x3.
8Return to the bridge and follow the path to your right. Ascend toward the exit.
9Approach the Turks and a cutscene will begin.
10Defeat Elena and Rude. Check out this guide for how to beat Rude and Elena.

Escape the Depths Walkthrough

1You’ll begin the next phase playing as Barret. Turn to your left and open the chest to obtain the Renegade’s Collar.
2Follow the path towards the east side of the map. Pick up the MP Up Materia on the southeast side of the map.
3Climb the roots at the end of the tunnel.
4Once you reach the first ledge, destroy the rocks to obtain some items.
5Climb the second set of roots directly in front of you after climbing up the first ones.
6Push the mine cart to open the chest with the Bullet Proof Vest. Next, use the lever near the end of the tunnel to switch the rail tracks and use the mine cart as a platform to reach the Quarry.
7As you move forward, there will be a large boulder blocking the path. Use Barret’s weapon to clear the path.
8After talking to the group, head north and you will see two ladders that you need to bring down.
9Shoot the ladder to your right and open the chest to obtain 1,000 Gil, before proceeding to the next ladder.
10At the top of the ladder, use the lever to open the gate to your left.
11Head outside and destroy the large boulder that is blocking the bridge.
12Once you open the path, head back to the room where the rest stop is located. You’ll find a mine cart here. Push it all the way across the bridge.
13Use the lever near the bridge to change the track.
14Push the mine cart again using this new track.

Exit Walkthrough

1Return to the Rest Spot and wait for Aerith to open the path. Pick up the Lightning Materia along the way.
2Continue following the new path and you will encounter the Mythril Golem. Check out this gudie for how to beat the Mythril Golem.
3Once the Mythril Golem has fallen, move ahead and regroup with the rest of the party. Pick up the Chunk of Mythril Ore near the lever Aerith used to open the gate.
4Follow the robed individuals once again, and proceed towards the exit to reach Junon.

That completes this Chapter 3: Deeper into Darkness Walkthrough Guide! If you’re struggling with any other aspect of the game, be sure to check out our living Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough guide.

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