Welcome to Chit Hot’s guide for Resident Evil Village. This page offers a complete walkthrough guide for one of the most challenging areas in Resident Evil Village: The Stronghold. This Resident Evil Village guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles you can find along the way, including how to enter the Stronghold and how to defeat Urias.

After journeying through the titular village for the fourth time, and making your way through Otto’s Mill, it’s time to see what Heisenberg has in store for you. Head through the tunnel stairs going up to the Stronghold.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Stronghold

Be ready for an ambush as you reach the first open area. Take the path up to a small bridge overlooking the area. As you move toward the right, Lycans will begin their attack. You should head into the trough with Rusted Scrap and bags of flour. Use the flour to stun the group of attackers as they advance.

Once the crowd is under control, head towards the group of burning bodies to find an Herb. You’ll be able to see a few more Lycan waiting along the ridges. If they haven’t started heading your way you can pop a few off with your sniper rifle. There’s also another Herb on the far left wall.

Take the left path and watch for more Lycans jumping down from above. Ahead are two Lycan Archers, and a breakable crate. There’s another crate on the right before you enter the ruins.

There’s also an explosive barrel as you enter the courtyard, as well as a nearby Mine and breakable crates. As you move around the platform above where you entered another assault will begin. Look back down in the courtyard and you’ll can spot a few amassing by the aforementioned explosive barrel. Easy pickings.

Enter the large area in front of the Stronghold gate. Break the nearby crates and grab the Handgun Ammo and Shotgun Ammo first before moving to the upper levels. Here you’ll find two different levers to open the gate.

Head up the stairs to the lever left of the door, on the same side as the explosive barrel. Grab the Sniper Rifle Ammo first, then pull the first lever. A group of Lycans will run in, and you may want to shoot one of the explosive barrels as they rush through the centre. You’ll face two waves here, in fact. Once the second wave is done, climb the ladder to the other lever. Activate it, and you can enter the Stronghold.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Stronghold

The Stronghold Walkthrough Guide

Entering the large first chamber you’ll find a Save Point. Grab the Pipe Bomb and Rusted Scrap, and break the nearby crates. Look up to the right, along the broken stairwell, to spot a shiny point containing a Yellow Quartz.

As you move into the large main stronghold room, be ready, because this room is going to have a lot of enemies in it. There’s an explosive barrel below you, as well as one on the far side.

As you cross to the middle of the room a Lycan horde will appear. You can shoot the barrel to take out a few, then run across the bridge and turn right to find a stairway leading down with another explosive barrel. Look for some barrels at the back of the room for a First Aid Med and Pipe Bomb.

The Lycans will keep coming, so head back up the stairs and to the far left side. Climb onto the scaffolding where you can zipline to the far side. Moving up the stairs here, grab the Sniper Rifle Ammo and be ready, because another horde led by an Armored Lycan is standing between you and the exit.

The Lycans won’t follow you into the next circular room. Look near a suit of armor for Gunpowder and Magnum Ammo before heading down the staircase. There’s Metal Scrap and a crate to break as you move down.

Goat of Warding – At the bottom of the stairwell, look along the railing to the right to spot a Goat of Warding to smash.

As you move through the narrow passage, you’ll come out into a small cave. Grab the First Aid Med on the right, Explosive Rounds and Sniper Rifle Ammo on the left, and look for an Officer’s Diary File on the ground. Be sure to also make use of the nearby Save Point, as what comes next will be an even greater challenge.

How to Beat Urias in Resident Evil Village

How to Beat Urias in Resident Evil Village

Urias, the Lycan boss with the hammer you first met in the East Old Town is back. And this time you need to put and end to him. The fight plays out pretty similarly to the optional Giant fights you may have encountered earlier in the game, so much of what follows will be familiar.

When Urias leaps at you from the upper ledge, quickly run under him and fire an explosive round to knock him back, then follow up with shotgun blasts. If he lifts his hammer get some distance and use cover to make sure he can’t hit you with his spinning attack. When he puts away his hammer and walks towards a pillar, run past him and hide behind another pillar to avoid his throw.

Eventually, Urias will jump back to the platform above and call in backup. Wait until enough Lycans have jumped into the arena and use a Pipe Bomb or Explosive Round to take out multiples at once.

If you run low on ammo, check the small alcoves on the side. You’ll find plenty of Pipe Bombs, a First Aid Med, and Ammo for all your weapons.

Once Urias is down, take the Crystal Hammer and head into the chamber beyond. Here, you’ll find a large crystal formation full of jewels. Inspect the area carefully and shoot the glowing spots to get a Large Crystal, four Crystal Fragments, a Vivianite, and a Yellow Quartz.

There’s a few crates in the chamber below where you’ll also find the Torso Flask. At this point, Heisenberg wants you to put all the flasks you have assembled into the main Altar back at the village.

Pass through the next hall and grab Guglielmo’s Plate on the left. Head into the small boat and sail along the underground stream to dock not far away. A a ladder will take you up to the cemetery behind the church.

However, before you leave you should checkout a small passage to the left. There’s a few crates to break and Chem Fluid in one of the cells next to a Photo of a Phantom Fish. Against the far chamber at the end you can spot a Pipe Bomb and Shotgun Ammo, as well as an Experiment Notes File.

Soon you’ll be facing Heisenberg himself. But for now, that completes this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Stronghold. Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.