The Parasight has announced that an extended demo for their surreal first-person action-adventure, Blacktail, will soon be available. Launching on 21st February, 2022, the demo will be part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

In Blacktail, players tell their own origin story as the witch of the woods. You are Yaga, a 16-year-old girl accused of witchcraft and expelled from an early medieval Slavic settlement. Discover Yaga’s story and guide her along the path to become a fearsome guardian of the forest or the dark legend that haunts children’s nightmares.

Blacktail screenshot

Blacktail Demo

The extended Blacktail demo features new content for witches seeking to explore the dark and mysterious woods. Featuring new areas, skills, fights, and more, the Steam Next Fest Blacktail demo promises more than two hours of dark, surreal adventure for players to explore. 

This demo showcases new skills and combat abilities not shown before. In Blacktail, morality plays a big role in the way the story unfolds, how the world reacts to Yaga, and how skills work. Many abilities are modified based on Yaga’s morality. The new Hocus melee attack, for example, will add either the Leech (health drain) or Sunlight (stun) based on whether Yaga is on the path to evil or good. Likewise, a new Broom area-of-effect ability will focus on damage or crowd-control depending on Yaga’s choices. Both of these abilities, and later upgrades that modify them further, are integral to Blacktail‘s close-quarters combat. 

New collectibles have been scattered throughout the forest. Players are challenged to see if they can find all the toads and Boboks. Blacktail demo players can also explore the in-game almanac, new inventory system, Morality Tags and Log, and a brand new Easter egg mini-game.

Blacktail is planned to release later this year on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. This Blacktail demo is only planned to be available during Steam Next Fest.

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