The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of what was considered ‘normality’. During the lockdown internet usage has changed drastically, and there are certain apps which have seen a boom in usage. But which have proven to be the most popular apps?

Most Popular Apps

In the past decade emojis have become an easy way of conveying emotions. Between 2013 and 2019 there were 3.7 billion tweets that contained an emoji (or, that contained at least one of the 400 most common emojis).

This data, gathered through social listening tool Brandwatch by Carphone Warehouse, helps paint an interesting picture of how our relationship with popular apps has changed over time. Some key findings below:

Most Popular Apps by Emoji Use

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the types of apps we use. Through looking at the emojis used when talking about the app on social media, the following is an outline of popular an app has become.

The most popular apps, by the number of overall mentions, are:

  • Microsoft Teams (117,000 mentions)
  • Zoom (43,000)
  • Houseparty (19,000)
  • Disney+ (19,000)
  • Duolingo (2,646)
  • Headspace (2,021)
  • Calm (220)
  • Nextdoor (55)
Disney+ logo

Positive and Negative Reactions

The recently launched Disney+ had the lowest negative mentions at only 2.17%. The coincidental timing of the app’s launch in the UK has lead to many looking for more entertainment at home, and Disney+ serving up fresh content for just that.

When it comes to negative sentiment, mindfulness app Headspace had the highest percentage of negative sentiment at 28.5%. This statistic is quite shocking, given the rise in mental health awareness over the past few years.

Sentiment analysis of other apps are as follows:

  • Microsoft Teams: 91.7% positive
  • Zoom: 89.4% positive
  • Houseparty: 92.86% positive
  • Duolingo: 80% positive
  • Calm: 90.3% positive
  • Nextdoor: 87.5% positive

Which apps have you been investing your time in during lockdown? Are you finding solace in gaming? Or sharing a favourite movie with your family? Let us know in the comments below!