DAY 79:  I have caught new species of Animal Crossing fish three days in a row.

Since I caught the great white shark a couple of days ago, my interest in the Animal Crossing fish has suddenly increased. The best proof is that I have caught four new species today.

*Whale Shark (Price: 13,000),  it exists from June to September.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 1

Ribbon Eel (Price: 600)

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 2

Suckerfish (Price: 1500), same as the Whale Shark, from June to September.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 3

Saw Shark (Price: 12,000, also June to September.

It only can be caught at 4pm-9pm. I got it when I travelled to another island.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 4

Except for the Saw Shark, other three new fishes can be caught all day.

So, always keep an eye on the fish in the sea~~


Daily track:

Today’s outfit:  Being a purple tiger girl!

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 5

Today’s new items:

Hammock and Safe (from shaking the trees)

Rattan Vanity (a gift). It is a brown one. The rattan set has different colours such as brown, white, black etc. I got some of them, but I do not have the whole set.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 6

Outdoor hat/safety helmet, which were given by my neighbours.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 7

Zell’s birthday party.

The animals on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have their own birthday parties. You may remember that yesterday I sent Zell a birthday gift. Today I received her gift – a wheelchair!!! Hope I will never need it.

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 8

By the way, I invested in Turnips again…

96 bells each, I bought 5000 totally. Let us see how much can I get this week!

Animal Crossing Ding 0806 9

I also made another new relaxing area behind my house. For this I crafted items using the iron set recipe.

It’s nice to just sit here and wait for my friends.

So, welcome to DREAMLAND, everyone!