Have you made it to the Forest Fortress in Tunic? The Siege Engine boss lies in wait, and is much tougher than anything you’ve previously faced. However, if you’ve not yet enabled Tunic Easy Mode, this Tunic Siege Engine Guide will give you everything you need to take this boss down! Now longer will it be preventing you from completing the Forest Fortress and obtaining the Red Key.

Tunic Siege Engine Guide

Tunic Siege Engine Guide

Defending Against the Siege Engine

As soon as you face the Siege Engine you’ll learn of the five attacks in its arsenal. The core principles for dealing with each of these are as follows:

  • Lunge: The Siege Engine will give you a visual indication as it rears back. Immediately after this it will lunge forward swiping with its sword. Roll to avoid damage, or use your shield to block.
  • Bombs: The Siege Engine shoots out three orange orbs. These are bombs that will explode upon impact. When they appear get as close to the Siege Engine as possible, because if they detonate near it’ll take damage from its own attack.
  • Laser: The Siege Engine will unleash a laser beam that sweeps across the arena. When it begins charging run to the side as fast as possible. Try to get behind the Siege Engine to avoid taking damage.
  • Leg Attack: The Siege Engine will use a front leg for a close-range attack. If it lifts its leg when you’re nearby, quickly dash or use your shield to block.
  • Turret: The Siege Engine will unleash a torrent of energy blasts from its head. These shots can be absorbed by your shield if you have enough stamina.
  • Fairies: The Siege Engine will also occasionally stop attacking to spawn two Fairies. These will attack you from above. If you have the wand you can easily kill these from a distance.

Attacking the Siege Engine

Now that you know what you’re up against, here’s the part of this Tunic Siege Engine Guide that will teach you how to defeat the boss!

  • Face: For some easy swipes, hit the face with your sword. This won’t do too much damage, however.
  • Rear Weakspot: The Siege Engine has a small capsule on it’s back that acts as the official weakspot. Slashing it with your sword will do far greater damage than attacking it’s face.
  • Magic: While magic won’t hurt the Siege Engine much, it’s good for quickly dealing with any fairies that are spawned.
  • Explosives: These can deal a significant amount of damage to the Siege Engine while you stand at a safe distance.

And that’s everything you need to know to defeat the Siege Engine in Tunic! Push forward and obtain that Red Key, and be sure to check out the other entries in our Tunic guide below!

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