Want to know how to find the grappling hook in Tunic? Throughout your adventure so far, you’ll have seen suspicious looking grapple points. However, you aren’t yet able to use these grapple points. Why? Because you need the grappling hook! Fortunately, you can find a grappling hook in the Ruined Atoll. Here in this Tunic Frog Domain guide, you’ll learn exactly how!

How to find the Frog Domain in Tunic

Fast travel to the Ruined Atoll and make your way to the statue in the middle of this area. There’s a power line here. Follow it northeast to get across the water. Once across, turn right and follow the shore until you find a collapsed bridge. Use the rubble to get onto the path that goes under the bridge. Note, there’s a treasure chest at the end of this path.

Head through the nearby gap between the cliffs, and up the ladders. Go through the door to enter the Frog Domain. Go down the ladders on the other side and descend further into the dungeon. Follow the paths around and until you find the Frog Domain save point. Rest here before continuing into the dungeon.

Tunic Ruined Atoll

Tunic Frog Domain Guide

You’ll find three baby frogs bathing in the pool of water. Head through the door nearby. Turn left and follow the corridor to the end to enter a large cavern. Head left through this cavern and use the ramps to get to the central platform. After killing the enemies and reaching the central platform, take the steps leading South and follow the path to the nearby lever. Use this to open the locked gate near the central platform.

Head through the opened gate to find a large golden door. Don’t go through just yet! Instead, when facing the golden door, look right and head to the corner of the room to find a hole in the wall that leads into another cave. Take the ladders down and continue along the path. Climb down the ladders at the end to find yourself in a chamber with some frogs and Custodians praying. Kill these enemies and then walk over to the altar to find the Magic Orb. Grab this item and you will unlock the grappling hook!

Tunic Frog Domain Guide: How to Find the Grappling Hook

Tunic Walkthrough Guide

That covers how to get the grappling hook in Tunic. If you’re unsure of what to do next, take a look at our Tunic walkthrough below. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to backtrack to the Forest Fortress to get the red key from the Siege Engine.

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