Want to know how to find the sword in Tunic? You may be playing as a cute fox, but there’s still plenty of enemies to face. In order to survive you’re going to need a weapon. Fortunately, Chit Hot is here to help with this guide for how to find the sword in Tunic.

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the sword in Tunic. Despite obtaining a puny stick beforehand, this should be your first true goal. However, it is only one step in a very large adventure. Be sure to check out more from Chit Hot’s Tunic guide to see what comes next!

How to Find the Sword in Tunic

At the beginning of Tunic you will wake up on a beach unarmed. However, you can find a stick in a nearby hut. It’s just a stick, though. It will struggle to kill even the most basic of enemies, and can’t cut down the bushes blocking many of your paths. You’ll need to find something stronger, and sharper!

You can find the sword by travelling to the Hero’s Grave. From the original location of the stick, head past the mailbox and up the large set of stairs to find a locked door. This leads to Hero’s Grave, but it’s locked. You’ll need to find a key to get in.

Tunic screenshot

How to Enter the Hero’s Grave

From the door to the Hero’s Grave, continue up the stairs until you come to a fox statue. This is a save point that you can use to regain health and reset enemy spawns. You can also level-up here, if you have the necessary items. From here, head left and down the steps towards a small wooden bridge.

You’ll find the Hero’s Grave key on the ground by the bridge. Grab it and head back to the Hero’s Grave door. Interact with the door and use the key. Within, you’ll find pages 10 and 11 of Tunic’s instruction manual.

How to Beat the Hero’s Grave

Move through the corridor and head outside. Kill the nearby slimes and head up the ladders on the left of the chest. At the top of the second set of ladders, head down the nearby steps to find more slimes; kill these enemies and destroy the pots to find a treasure chest.

Continue up the next steps and at the top, follow the path right past the signpost, then head through the doorway into the East Belltower. Inside, you’ll find manual pages 12 and 13. When you’re ready, follow the corridor around the corner on the right side of this room and climb down the ladders to find another save point. Head outside to the East Forest, and follow the path past the enemies and past the Hero’s Grave signpost to find another yet save spot.

Grab the nearby instruction manual page and then follow the path to the right. In this next area you’ll find some stairs that lead up to the grave, but you can’t cut through just yet. Instead, continue right and follow the path. Kill the enemies you find here and then head up the hill, kill the Rudeling and then look ahead to find a locked gate. To open this gate, move around the bushes on the left and go up the stairs. Follow the path over the gate and climb down the ladders. Here you’ll find a lever that you can use to open the gate.

After using the lever, make your way back around to the gate and head through. Climb the stairs and approach the Hero’s Grave to find a sword on the floor. You can now equip this weapon in your inventory and get rid of that low grade stick!

So now you think you’re ready to take on the first real boss, the Tunic Garden Knight? Well, not just yet! Be sure to level-up Tunic before you march onwards!

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