So you ventured into the Hero’s Grave to find the sword in Tunic, but your basic armament is not yet complete. Want to know how to find the shield in Tunic? Well, that’s what we’re here for! In this guide we’ll cover how to find the shield in Tunic so that you can block enemy attacks and avoid taking damage from certain enemies.

How to Find the Shield in Tunic

After finding fighting the Guard Captain, you’ll come back to the East Belltower. Head back outside into the Overworld and use your new sword to cut the bushes ahead. Cross the bridge and keep cutting through the bushes. Then, climb the nearby slope to find pages 28 and 29 of the instruction manual. These give you access to a map of the overworld that’ll prove very useful.

Head down the slope on the left and up the stairs to find another lever. Use this to open a shortcut that leads back down to the Sealed Temple save point. Go down the steps to the left of this save point and cross the bridge. Cut through the bushes ahead and use the ladders to get down to the Old House. The shield is located within the Old House, but you can’t get inside just yet.

Tunic Old House

Where to Find the Old House Key

From the Old House, head left and kill the enemies that guard the nearby instruction manual page. Grab this item to get pages 16 and 17 of the manual, and then continue left and down the slopes. Go past the bridge and open doorway towards the Rudeling up ahead. Kill this enemy and then continue around the corner to find more. After killing them, head down the nearby steps and kill the Envoy (the large enemy wearing a green cloak). This is easiest with bombs or dynamite. You’ll find the Old House Key on the ground by this Envoy.

Use the key at the door to get inside and then head through the passage next to the chest of drawers. Follow this corridor along to the right and cross the bridge in this chamber to find the shield on the floor.

And now your basic equipment is complete! But there’s much more still to discover…

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