Are you struggling to find the East Belltower in Tunic? After you’ve managed to find the sword in Tunic you’ll find yourself seemingly trapped in the East Forest. The way you came is now inaccessible, so you’ll need to find another way back to the Overworld. In this guide, Chit Hot will cover the East Forest and how to find the East Belltower in Tunic.

How to Find the East Belltower in Tunic Guide

Now that you have the sword, you can make your way back to the East Forest by cutting through the bushes blocking the stairs. At the East Forest save point, head up the nearby ladders and kill the Rudeling enemies. Continue to climb the ladders and make your way across the bridge to find a locked gate. Climb yet more ladders on the left, then take the next set of ladders and head over to the lever. This can be used to open the locked gate. Once opened, make your way back down and through the gate to get into Guardhouse 1.

In Guardhouse 1 you’ll see a passage ahead that you can take. This leads to the East Belltower. However, a slight detour to open the nearby chests will get you a health potion fragment and some more currency. After collecting these use the lever to reveal a new set of ladders. Go down and kill the enemies below, and then use the wooden ladders to climb up to a new area. Follow the path and head outside to find a health potion in a treasure chest. This is a permanent upgrade that will reset whenever you rest, so now you have a health potion to use whenever you’re in a tough situation.

Head back into Guardhouse 1 and back to the original entrance. Here you’ll find your first boss encounter: the Guard Captain. This boss fight should prove quite simple. If you want to take the easy route and have already found the bombs or dynamite in the area, just one or two blasts is enough to take it down.

East Belltower in Tunic Guide

Ringing the East Belltower

After defeating the Guard Captain use the nearby lever to get into the next room. Here you’ll find a treasure chest with another health potion. Head up the steps behind this chest and climb the ladder at the top to get back into the East Belltower. You will have visited this room previously when travelling to the Hero’s Grave to find the sword, but now you’ll be on a higher platform. Hit the large structure nearby with your sword to ring the bell and then use the rope to climb back down and head back out into the Overworld.

That’s this East Belltower in Tunic guide complete! Before continuing remember to save and level-up Tunic, if you have the necessary items. If you found the Guard Captain particularly difficult, you might want to consider taking the steps to enable Tunic easy mode. The next boss, the Tunic Garden Knight, is significantly more challenging!

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