Cursed to Golf is set to launch this summer, and a publisher Thunderful Games wants you to know what’s it’s all about. A new Cursed to Golf trailer demonstrates exactly how the puzzle-golfing gameplay works!

In Cursed to Golf, you take on the role of the Cursed Golfer. You are trapped in Golf Purgatory after a lightning strike stops you dead in your tracks. To ascend back to the land of the living, you’ll need to play through 18 dungeon-like holes. These hellish holes feature teleporters, TNT, high-powered fans and other challenges that will put your skills to the ultimate test. Billed as a ‘Golf-Like’, the player must engage with a loop that will see you golf, die and golf again. That’s not to mention the bosses that you will have to defeat if you want to remove your curse and escape your fate.

Cursed to Golf screenshot

You can get a helping hand on your quest in the form of Ace Cards. These cards give you access to world-bending trick shots, allowing you to stop time, readjust shots in mid-air, freeze otherwise hazardous bodies of water and more. These cards are not only a hell of a lot of fun to use, but will be vital if you are to beat all 18 holes within the PAR counter and avoid your curse returning you to the start and forcing you to golf your way back again.

“With the heartening enthusiasm surrounding Cursed to Golf, we’re really excited to be moving towards release in Summer 2022.”

Liam Edwards, Game Director, Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf Trailer

Cursed to Golf is developed by Chuhai Labs. The game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this summer. Has the puzzle-golfing caught your attention? Let us know in the comments section below!

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