Day 83, it’s the time to join K.K. Slider’s live gig.

Today is Saturday, K.K. Slider’s performing day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 1

K.K. Slider started appearing on every Saturday since DREAMLAND became a 3 stars island.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 2

At 6pm, he will perform a song depends on your specific request, also, you can just follow his choice.

He picked a song for me today. But it was a bit pity that only me and Carrie were in the his audience. Maybe the other animals were busy with a Saturday party…

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 3

After this performance, I got a copy of the song.

I hung it on my reading room’s wall as usual. It would be very nice if I have the whole collection of his songs one day.

Anyway, except for every Saturday, a random K.K. Slider song can be bought every day from the Nook Stop’s Nook Shopping feature, which is 3,200 Bells.

Today’s track:

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 4

From the trees:

*Red Corner

*Beach Ball 

As I already had them I just sent them to the animals as gifts.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 5

Then, I received many gifts from them in exchange, such as:

*Rugby Uniform

*Toga (today’s favourite)

*Muscle Tank

*Brine-shrimp Aquarium

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 6

A new DIY recipe (Kettlebell) from the message bottle.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 7

By the way, I caught two new fish and donated them to the museum.

One step closer to collecting all the species.

Hammerhead shark, which appears at 4:00pm-9:00pm, from June to September.

Price: 8,000 bells.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 8

Arapaima, same as the hammerhead shark, appears at 4:00pm-9:00pm , from June to September.

Price: 10,000 bells.

Animal Crossing Ding 2606 9