PlayStation Trophies are hugely popular amongst certain segments of the gaming community. It has now been revealed that this element of modern gaming will be added to classic PlayStation titles offered by the upcoming PlayStation Plus reshuffle.

SIE Bend Studio, the studio behind 1999’s Syphon Filter for PlayStation, has revealed that Trophy support will be added to their game. This will be part of the relaunch on modern consoles through the new PlayStation Plus subscription service in June.

While not yet confirmed, the revelation that Syphon Filter will support add Trophy support means that other PlayStation classics may also receive the same treatment. Sony Interactive Entertainment was awarded a patent in March 2021 for a software system that would, using emulation, detect triggering events and award trophies to players on modern consoles.

PlayStation Plus’ reshuffle is effectively combining the existing PlayStation Now streaming/download subscription service and the PlayStation Plus online multiplayer subscription. Players may continue their existing PlayStation Plus tier of service, now called PlayStation Plus Essential, for the same monthly ($9.99), quarterly ($24.99) or annual ($59.99). PlayStation Plus Extra, priced $14.99 / $39.99 / $99.99, gives subscribers access to a catalog of 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games. PlayStation Plus Premium adds another 340 games, with an option to play them via streaming, from the PlayStation 3, original PlayStation, and PlayStation Portable catalogues. So far no PlayStation 2 games running under emulation are listed in the service.

Syphon Filter is among the library of original PlayStation games that will be available to subscribers at the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. The reshuffled service launches in Asia on 24th May, 2022, Japan on 2nd June, North and South America on 13th June, and Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on 23rd June. Other classics coming to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers include Siren and the Dark Cloud series.

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