Spider-Man No Way Home ended with a cliffhanger. Undoing the events of Spider-Man Far from Home is the crux of the storyline in the trilogy finale, and this was accomplished with significant difficulty. After being aided by Doctor Strange more than once, Peter Parker is left with little to live for.

Before continuing, please note that this article contains spoilers for Spider-Man No Way Home.

Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home

At the end of Spider-Man Far from Home, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) had his life was turned upside down. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) revealed his secret identity to the world. Everyone now knew who Spider-Man was. This did not make things easy for Peter Parker’s everyday life.

The beginning of Spider-Man No Way Home sees Parker suffering. To try and rectify the issue, he turned to a friend he made as Spider-Man in the Avengers: Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Doctor Strange offers up a spell that can alter the past. However, upon casting Parker has second thoughts. The spell goes wrong, and other Spider-Men from different universes were brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Along with them came their villain counterparts. This threatens the collapse of the universe as we know it.

Of course, the three Spider-Men team-up and save the day. However, it’s not enough. Parker is back where he was, and now with the added guilt of nearly destroying the universe. To reverse this, he asks Doctor Strange to perform one more spell: one which will erase him from everyone on Earth’s minds.

The spell succeeds, and the result is that Parker was left with nobody. His best friend, Ned, and his girlfriend, MJ, forgot who he was. They never even knew he existed. So did Happy Hogan, Peter’s connection to Spider-Man in the Avengers.

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Spider-Man and the Avengers

Spider-Man No Way Home ends on a rather downturned note. However, not everything is as it seems…

Doctor Strange was very explicit about his spell. He stated that everyone on Earth would forget who Peter Parker was. Earlier in the film, while Peter, MJ and Ned were being interrogated by the police, it was revealed that Nick Fury had been “off-world” for months.

The post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed this to be true. Fury had been on a space station with Krulls, hanging out and relaxing. This means he was not affected by the magic spell and therefore still remembers Parker, and Spider-Man in the Avengers.

What’s more, Nick Fury is not the only member of the Avengers that is currently off-world. Spider-Man introduced himself to Captain Marvel as “Peter” during the battle for the universe in Avengers Endgame. This means, at the very least, she will be able to connect the dots between Peter and Spider-Man. Further to this, the Guardians of the Galaxy spent some time with Spider-Man in space, so they will also remember the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man in the Avengers

The Future of Spider-Man in the Avengers

With Nick Fury as a connection, Parker should be given the resources needed to put his life back in order. Furthermore, he will also be able to protect his secret identity. At the current time nobody knows who he is, so his secret is safe once more.

One thing is for sure, however: Marvel fans will see Spider-Man alongside Ned and MJ once again. Sony executive Tom Rothman was recently asked whether the three actors behind the characters would return.

He replied: “That whole group, we hope.”

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