NARAKA: Bladepoint arrived on Xbox Series X|S last summer, and since has built a strong following. So much so, that developer 24 Entertainment has seen fit to extend its April Fool’s gag beyond one day. For a limited time only, fans will get the chance to unlock the all new NARAKA: Bladepoint lightsabers. Exciting, no? A new weapon. One for which the inspiration need not be mentioned. It’s Star Wars.

To celebrate April Fool’s, the clash of blades will be drowned out by the familiar hum and crackle of deadly NARAKA: Bladepoint lightsabers. Bathing the ancient far-east themed battlefield in their warm, colourful glow. Perfectly in-keeping with the theme, then.

How to Get the NARAKA: Bladepoint Lightsabers

Swapping the melee weapons and mythic powers of NARAKA: Bladepoint for something a little more other worldly, players can get access to this exclusive skin for the Longsword by randomly opening chests and crushing items during gameplay. Why not add some interstellar style to your Forerunner loadout? However, this item will only be available until 4th April, 2023. If you want to add some sci-fi to your fantasy, you’d better get going pretty quickly.

You can watch Viper Ning wield one of the NARAKA: Bladepoint lightsabers in the trailer below. It’s a bit different to the usual faire from 24 Entertainment, and certainly worth a watch!

NARAKA: Bladepoint April Fool’s Trailer

In addition to the NARAKA: Bladepoint lightsabers, there are other April Fool’s items to discover. These include quirky new outfit options, such as the ‘funny canine’ headwear. Let us know what you uncover in the comments below!

Having recently kicked off Season 7: Untamed and welcoming Akos Hu, there’s plenty of surprises still in store for 2023. With the game now at 15 playable characters, you can expect plenty more to come in 2023. Are you still enjoying NARAKA: Bladepoint? Let us know!

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