Velocity Noodle is a brilliantly odd concept for a videogame. You’re a noodle delivery professional. Are you expecting some kind of Crazy Taxi rip-off? Think again. Velocity Noodle is a high-speed platform game, closer to Super Meat Boy. And it’s hot-footing it’s way to your door later this month.

Velocity Noodle sees you tasked with traversing challenging levels to make your noodle deliveries as fast as possible. Hunger waits for no man. Or, noodle delivery guy. Developer Shotgun Anaconda are championing the ‘ultra-smooth movement’ and handcrafted levels in the game, challenging the player to run, jump, slide, teleport and katana-jump (whatever that is) they’re way through the sci-fi themed environments. Of course, there’s the Anti-Delivery Service (ADS) to avoid, too. Because why not? As players progress they’ll earn medals and unlock ‘shiny things’.

Having already been released on PC, the game has been well received on Steam. It currently stands with a ‘Positive’ rating of 95% – very high for any kind of game. The new console editions promise a slew of new content. These include new level packs, artwork updates, and quality of life upgrades. This content will also be offered as a free upgrade for the PC version.

Velocity Noodle screenshot

Velocity Noodle Console Launch Plans

The game is set to launch on consoles soon. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles will receive the game on 27th April, 2023. A 20% discount will be available through the initial release period. A native PlayStation 5 version of the game is also in development. No specific date has yet been announced but publisher Top Hat Studios state that it will be revealed it due course.

Are you interested in Velocity Noodle? Are you rushing to pre-order today? Does the native PlayStation 5 version get you going? Let us know in the comments below!

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