The official Street Fighter 6 launch trailer is upon us. Trying to maximise attention with a lil’ star power, the trailer features none other than rap legend Lil Wayne. However, given Lil Wayne’s rambunctious reputation, he seems a little calmer in the video.

According to Capcom, the Street Fighter 6 launch trailer “captures the excitement and energy that people get from playing the game with friends, family, and other competitors from around the world”. How nice.

Lil Wayne has apparently had a close association with the Street Fighter franchise and had this to say about the game’s upcoming release:

“I’m a Street Fighter OG, playing since the Street Fighter II days, so it feels full circle for me to work with the franchise on the release of Street Fighter 6,” said Lil Wayne.

Street Fighter 6 Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer for Street Fighter 6 can be seen below. The video offers brief showcases of many characters, the customisation options and the in-game combat. And of course, Lil Wayne.

The news for Street Fighter 6 has been coming in pretty fast lately. Not only was there a special Street Fighter 6 steelbook revealed, but also details on the planned Street Fighter 6 DLC characters. There’s also been betas aplenty and lots of live streams on various platforms. If you weren’t aware that Street Fighter 6 is coming soon, you’re probably not going to be buying it anyway.

The Street Fighter 6 release date is set for 2nd June, 2023. So not too long to wait! The game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Are you planning on getting Street Fighter 6 day one? Or does the probably of a re-release with all the DLC characters included keep you from paying top dollar? Let us know in the comments below!

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