During the summer Games Workshop revealed plans for a drastic overhaul of Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s Cities of Sigmar faction. New miniatures were unveiled almost weekly, with the first buyable product being the Cities of Sigmar Army Set. Those who want to buy individual units have had to wait longer. Now, thankfully, the new Cities of Sigmar miniatures are available to pre-order.

Whether you’re expanding a pre-existing collection or looking to start a new ORDER army, you’ll want the new Battletome. Battletome: Cities of Sigmar comes in two varieties, a standard and a limited edition. Both contain rules for the human, aelven, and duardin soldiers. The pages also contain warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for 50 different units, as well as extensive background, bestiary, showcase, and painting guide sections.

Additionally, the limited edition features a soft-touch cover and gold foil details. That luxury look continues with gilt page edges and a red ribbon page marker. Furthermore, remember, it’s limited to just 300 number copies.

Warhammer Cities of Sigmar Zenestra
Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch of the Great Wheel

Cities of Sigmar Miniatures

Now onto the miniatures themselves. These range from powerful leaders and mid-level commanders down to the base infantry that’ll make up the bulk of your army.

To lead your troops you may want to invest in Tahlia Vedra, Lioness of The Parch. She’s a charismatic and dynamic leader who has four separate weapons to pick from as well as the vicious attacks of her manticore, Infernadine. Or there’s always Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch of the Great Wheel who chants powerful prayers to support your army whilst sat atop a palanquin carried by acolytes.

The Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal is an armour-clad mounted leader who spurs his allies onwards with a 3” bonus to their charge range. Whilst the Freeguild Marshal & Relic Envoy carry inspirational relics into battle. They use the power of rousing speeches to aid their allies. This kit also has a multitude of build options available.

Bolster your strategies with the Freeguild Command Corps. This collection of support staff includes an Arch-knight, a Whisperblade, a Great Herald, a War Surgeon, a Soul Shepherd, and the Mascot Gargoylian.

Further Cities of Sigmar units:

All of these models are available to pre-order now. Shipments will begin on 11th November 2023.

Which miniatures will you be adding to your Cities of Sigmar army? Let us know in the comments below.

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