As Games Workshop continues to update Battletomes across the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar series, the company’s next addition is for the Kharadron Overlords. Coming soon, Warhammer updates Kharadron Battletome as well as adding new model, the Codewright.

In stark contrast to the godly Stormcast Eternals or the ghastly Nighthaunt, the Kharadron Overlords navigate the mortal realm in giant airships. Their interest is solely in plunder, profit, and aether-gold, but they have a constitution governing both their society and warfare. This sprawling labyrinth of rules and contracts – called the Kharadron Code – is a tangled mess that even the best lawyers would struggle to unravel.

Warhammer Kharadron Battletome

Therefore you need a specialist, which sees the introduction of the Codewright. These duardin can expertly navigate the treacherous legal landscape, so much so that they can find advantageous loopholes. Essentially “book-smart battle-boffins”, the Codewrights come armed with numerous tomes and mechanical arms with which to hold them.

Such is their knowledge that they can aid Kharadron Overlords by offering new tactics on the fly. For instance: “A fleet that adheres to the footnote There’s No Reward Without Risk can attempt an 18″ charge once per battle.” Or how about swapping that out for: “Without Our Ships, We Are Naught, allowing you to grant one SKYVESSEL two commands in a single phase, once per battle.”

Warhammer introduces Kharadron Battletome and the Codewright in the near future – no date has been given just yet. This follows on from news earlier this month where Games Workshop confirmed that Warhammer prices are set to rise.

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