Continuing Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village, this page contains everything you need to complete Heisenberg’s Factory. This guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles you can find along the way, including how to activate the Ceremony Site, how to ascend The Factory’s levels, how to get Heisenberg’s Key, and how to defeat both Heisenberg.

By now, you will have all four of Rose’s Flasks: Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs. Return to the Altar, sell all your treasure and buy any upgrades you need from The Duke.

Place all four Flasks into the Altar’s receptacle. This will unlock it, and grant you the Giant’s Chalice. With this in your possession, you can now approach the large dias at the Ceremony Site where the four giant statues of each house are located.

Make sure you have everything you need before proceeding. If you progress through this Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory, you won’t be able to do any more exploring or backtracking.

Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory

Once you place the chalice on the dias, a cutscene will play. This shows a giant bridge raising, leading to Heisenberg’s Factory. You’ll be taken down to a lower level as you cross over to Heisenberg’s Factory, and told to go inside to meet him.

Heisenberg’s Factory Entrance

In the large field leading up to Heisenberg’s Factory entrance you can find some Rusted Scrap and Metal Scrap in the back of some wrecked cars, but not much else. The entrance is eerily quiet and the gate inside is locked. Head left and grab the Gunpowder off the shelves. Here, you’ll find a door going deeper underground.

Follow the path into another room. There’s some Chem Fluid on the table. Turn right and inspect a large wall covered by cloth. You’ll get a moment to see Heisenberg’s grand plan before the he himself appears to tell you all about it. As the good guy, you’re obviously going to reject the hand that is offered. You’ll then be thrown into the factory to meet Heisenberg’s pet.

As soon as you get up, hurry away from the gruesome propeller face guy. You can’t it right now, so run. Turn right as the door ahead closes and duck through a hole in the wall. Continue right as the monster breaks open the door. Keep running, ducking under some debris. When you hit the next dead end, jump into the chute on the right. It will take you far down into the depths of Heisenberg’s Factory.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - Heisenberg's Factory - Propeller Head

Heisenberg’s Factory Level B4

As you exit, you’ll find the monster isn’t following you anymore. Make your way through the scrap pile and look for Rusted ScrapGunpowder, and Metal Scrap as you climb up to the left. There’s a ladder along the wall you can jump up to.

It won’t be long before you run into more of Heisenberg’s creations. These are much like the ghouls you’ve fought previously, but the armor on their head must be shot off before you can get some actual headshots in. Move to the far side and pick up some Rusted Scrap, then look left for a wall grate you can open.

Take the next ladder up to the heart of the factory, where Heisenberg has been busy building an army. There’s a crate to break, and you’ll find The Duke has already set up shop on the lift. Since you can’t use the lift he’s in, exit and check the door to the right to find a room with the final Labyrinth puzzle, as well as Rusted Scrap and Chem Fluid.

Leave the room and enter the main doors to the right. Here you’ll find some long hallways leading to a room with a red-light next to the door. Grab some Gunpowder to the right first, then slash the red light with your knife.

The next room is dark and there’s a gap in the platform leading to a far door. The generator you need to power on. Head down to the bottom level, dispose of the two enemies and smash the crates, then head through the door.

Here in the Foundry there’s a large Casting Machine against the far wall. This is a key item for solving a number of puzzles. We’ll tackle all of the solutions one-by-one in this walkthrough guide for Heisenberg’s Factory. Look to the right for some x-rays of Heisenberg’s experiments as well as some Chem Fluid and Rusted Scrap on a nearby table.

You can’t interact with the hole in the wall and another door is locked. This leaves only one available exit. Head up the hall and prepare to be ambushed by three more ghouls. Note the cabinet on the left. Here, you can use a Lockpick on to gain a Yellow Quartz. There’s also Gunpowder on a barrel up ahead, and an unpowered switch for a door. head through the far door into a lab area.

There’s some Rusted Scrap to the left, and a body with a drill for an arm in the next room. Move past the body for now and open a chest that has a Relief Mold you can use back in the Foundry.

As you might have expected, the enemy known as the Soldat will power up and move to attack. See the large red light on its chest? You know what to do.

You’ll be rewarded with a Crystal Mechanical Heart for defeating it, and you should head back to the Foundry to use the Relief Mold and obtain a Relief of a Horse, which you can then place on the hole in the wall behind you. A new passage will open, which leads up to another ghoul and a locked door to Heisenberg’s Quarters that can’t be accessed yet.

Turn around use a Lockpick on the desk to get some Magnum Ammo. Drop down into the large Engine Room. Break the crate behind you, then look at the large machines. The giant pistons here will move back and forth rapidly. Shoot the red dots on each piston to stop them and move on.

There are more enemies here. Kill them all and blow out the remaining pistons to travel safely across. Look for the final piston’s red light on the wall behind it, and you’ll get access to a ladder taking you back upstairs. The door next to you is locked, so instead you’ll have to move down the hall full of Soldats. They won’t come alive at this point, so head on through and unlock the door back to the Foundry, then go down the stairs in the previous room.

Explore the room to find a breakable crate and a backup generator missing a gear. Downstairs are a some fences and a cabinet in the back with a Mine, as well as some Gunpowder. Going up the stairs to the right, you’ll find a door with red lights you can smash to enter. In this storeroom, check on the left for a Development Note 1 File, and a Factory Map (Lower Levels) to the right by some Gunpowder. Open the case to get the Cog Mold, and unlock the far door to get back into the hall full of Soldats.

The Soldat at the very end will awaken and try to ambush you. Lead him back down to the cracked wall below and – if timed right – he’ll break it open for you. If not, just use a mine once he’s defeated. With the wall completely broken, you can collect some Shotgun Ammo and open a case with a Mechanical Part (Cylinder) treasure.

Move back into the Foundry to put the Cog Mold into the press and get yourself a Large Cog to insert into the backup generator. Another Soldat drops down off the moving belts above, and the gate behind you seals up. Once that’s out of the way, move through the newly opened gate at the bottom. Up ahead is another Soldat patrolling. Cautiously follow him into the next room.

The Soldat patrols the halls here. Of note is the electric fuse box in the middle. If you wait until the Soldat gets close to it, you can shoot it to explode the box and temporarily stun the Soldat.

Eliminated the enemy here and move through the far door to find another crate and a cabinet with Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a Large Crystal you can shoot down from the yellow PA system near the door.

Head upstairs to find another Soldat heading your way. You can lure him back to the fuse box downstairs to stun and eliminate him. Check back where he came out of to find some Explosive Rounds, then break the red lights on the door to move onward.

Yet another long room with corridors awaits you here. Head down the left path first and fight off the three ghouls. Check further down the path and you’ll get a breakable crate and a Mine in a cabinet.

Moving to the opposite side of the room, there’s a small alcove by the stairs with a Soldat in a bed. Move up the stairs and a giant shipping container will fall, revealing this tougher variant of the Soldat. His weakpoint is on his back instead. Let him chase you back down the stairs and into the alcove and he’ll destroy the gate for you. Defeating him will earn you a Large Crystal Mechanical Heart.

Behind the newly destroyed gate you’ll find a table with thousands of Lei and some Magnum Ammo. Leave the alcove and look up the wall opposite the stairs to find a glowing spot. Shoot it to get some Yellow Quartz. Finally, head through the container the Soldat dropped out of to find a cabinet with some Shotgun Ammo, and leave through the nearby door.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - Heisenberg's Factory - Soldat

Heisenberg’s Factory Level B3

Here we are, finally back in the room with the missing platform! And thanks to this Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory, you now have the power on and can lower the platform into place. Look against the wall above the far door for another glowing spot to get another Yellow Quartz.

The hall has some Gunpowder, and Shotgun Ammo in a nearby drawer. Move into the next room with three small corridors, and note the fuse box by the doorway as another Soldat heads towards you. You know the drill by now.

As soon as you move into the next room, the guy with the propeller will return. Immediately head right and duck under the debris to reach a large door. Before moving on, grab some Rusted ScrapMetal Scrap, and Gunpowder.

You’ll move out into a large open area overlooking the production line. A nearby lift access means you can bring The Duke up to this level. Look for a ladder to the right and keep climbing.

Head over the broken ground and down to a drain pipe. Here you can break a crate before heading into the mining area. More ghouls will head out as Heisenberg talks about his plans.

Along the main path, you’ll find a birdcage holding some loot, and inside a nearby cabinet you’ll find a Lockpick. Around the drill are some precious gems including a Large Crystal and Crystal Fragment.

Look for a small grate to duck through and at the other end drop down into a long hallway. Be sure to turn around first to spot another crumbing wall, and detonate it with an explosive to reach an area filled with gems, letting you obtain another two Large CrystalsVivianite, and a Yellow Quartz.

As you enter the Grinder Shaft look up to see large metal blades cutting up scrap. You still need to head up, so head to the second level and two new enemies will rocket down towards you. A new variation of the Soldat, the Soldat Jet, equipped with a jetpack.

Once both of these enemies go down, keep heading up breaking crates. You’ll notice the grinder has large red lights surrounding it. Take out each one, as well as the bright light in the middle. The grinder will power down and you can now take the ladder up into the shaft.

Heisenberg’s Factory Level B2

We continue this Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory by exiting the shaft. Break the crate on the side before heading through the far door. Move up the stairs and check the table on the right for Chem Fluid and the Development Note 2 File. Nearby is the Factory Map (Upper Levels) on a crate. If you check the map you should see a hidden chamber near you.

Look near the stairs for a minecart and move it out of the way to crawl into a secret room. Here you’ll find some Gunpowder and Handgun Ammo. But more importantly is a case that holds a Ball Mold, which you need to access the last Labyrinth puzzle.

As you move towards the Ventilation hall a large turbine will start pulling you in. Quickly shoot at the red center to power it down. Back on the ledge you were pulled off is a glowing point on the walkway you can shoot to get a Yellow Quartz.

Goat of Warding – While in the Ventilation area, head to the edge overlooking the Grinder Shaft where some bulldozer blades keep the scrap back. Wedged amongst them you can find a goat to destroy next to some Metal Scrap and Rusted Scrap.

Make your way along the pipe at the end of the Ventilation area to climb up a small ladder. This will lead to a hole you can climb through. Grab the Chem Fluid in the next room and take the lift up to the next level.

Heisenberg’s Factory Level B1

Keep moving as Heisenberg taunts you. In the next room shoot down the birdcage on the right, and look to the left for Shotgun Rounds, Explosive Rounds and a Key Mold. In the next area you can move across the platforms to reach the Lift and bring The Duke up to this level. Before this however, break a nearby crate and look for a far ledge to fall down to a lower platform. Crawl along the large pipe to find Shotgun Ammo and two Mines, as well as a zipline back to the other side of the room where there’s some Yellow Quartz in the wall.

Before moving further into this floor, we’ll need to do a bit of healthy backtracking. Head back down to B4.

Goat of Warding – This goat is tricky spot. Take a look out the open lift door as you ride down with The Duke. In between B1 and B3, there’s a goat perched along a red support girders going down. You’ll either need to be quick to shoot it, or you can try climbing the ladder outside the lift on B3 and look back to snipe it.

Head back towards the Foundry by going through the main doors only to find the lights have gone out. Once you reach the room outside the Foundry, another new Soldat will appear. Then another from inside the Foundry and will burst out the door.

Once he’s dead you can head inside and use the Casting Machine to make both the Iron Horse Ball, and Heisenberg’s Key.

With the key in hand, you can now unlock the doors we mentioned earlier in this Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory. One was unpowered, the other needed this key. Head left from the Casting Machine first to where the switch-activated door was, leading to the Operating Room.

There’s a drawer in the first room with Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a few dead Soldats in the room beyond. You can pick up a Lockpick on the left as you enter, and some Flashbangs further ahead. None of these Soldats will awaken, but there’s one behind the far door which will. Grab the Handgun Ammo by the door it opened, and inside you’ll find a Medical Log you can listen and a case nearby containing the M1851 Wolfsbane – Long Barrel Mod.

Return to the Foundry and exit through the opposite end. Four ghouls are wandering around this room now. There’s some Rusted Scrap along with some Gunpowder, but the real prize is the chest in the middle. Within you’ll find the Mechanical Part (Shaft). Combine it with the other Mechanical Part to craft Heisenberg’s Hammer, which sells for a huge amount of Lei.

Head back to the lift through the darkened room and you’ll hear something will be clanking in the dark. This is the Soldat Panzer, which is completely armoured from head to toe and provides no immediate weak points. Use explosives to remove his armour and find the obvious weak spot to take it out. Another waits ahead, and if you manage to kill them you’ll get Perfect Crystal Mechanical Hearts from both enemies.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - Heisenberg's Factory - Soldat Panzer

Back at the lift, be sure to head into the side room to use the Iron Horse Ball to play the last Labyrinth game. If successful you can collect the Bister Skull, which is worth a small fortune.

Head back up to B1 with Heisenberg’s Key and into the next hall. Heisenberg is ready for you to meet his pet, but before you do move into the first room to find a Prototype: Sturm File, as well as crates to break and a MineFirst Aid Med, and Handgun Ammo to collect.

That completes this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide for Heisenberg’s Factory. And now it’s time to proceed to the game’s double-attack: two bosses in quick succession! S head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.