Welcome to Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village. This page contains information on the finale of the game, as you assault the Ceremony Site to take on Mother Miranda. This walkthrough guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles you can find in the Resident Evil Village finale, including how to reach Mother Miranda.

For this final sequence, you won’t have access to the map. But what you do have is an impressive arsenal. A semi-automatic USM-AI Pistol and a fully automatic Dragoon Rifle, and plenty of ammo to share. Along with several grenades and a laser targeting device.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Finale

After defeating Karl Heisenberg, you’ll find yourself in the woods with some new companions. Move ahead until you reach the edge of the titular Village once again. There’s battle raging below, but before you can heroically charge in a few groups of Lycans will advance on you. Of course, your new weapons will make short work of them.

As you move into the burning field, huge writhing roots of the Megamycete will burst out. Further up two Varcolac Werewolves will bound into view. Continue ahead and take a left through a newly opened road back to the first house you ever explored. If you look to the left near the Workshop, there’s a green smoke crate with an ammo restock for you.

Take the left path through the house’s small kennel, and you’ll equip night vision goggles. Use them to take out the crew of Lycans, and move out onto the road on the other side.

A lot of waves of Lycans will start appearing on the road. Take things slow. You don’t want to get careless and overwhelmed this early. When you reach the tractor an Armored Lycan will appear with a large group. Once defeated, more waves will appear. Don’t be afraid to slowly backpedal until you’re through.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - Finale

Destroy the Mold Construct

When you at least reach the Village Square you can start using your laser targeting device to punch some holes in the Megamycete at the graveyard. You’ll need to hold onto the targeting until it’s fully complete and not break line of sight. Be warned, it has a lengthy reload time.

While you wait for the reload you’ll of course have to fend of groups of Lycans. When prompted, back away from the Lycans and use your laser targeting again. The resulting bombardment will kill all Lycans in the area.

When the aerial strikes eventually punch a hole in the Megamycete, you’ll be able to head down underground. Grab some more supplies as you head inside.

The giant wolfman Urias is here. He’s almost impervious to your attacks. You’ll need to constantly be moving and strafing to avoid his strikes, and wait for your laser targeting device to work again.

You can stun him by shooting his back, but ultimately you’ll have to wait for the aerial strikes to finish the job. You’ll get a Giant Crystal Mace for your trouble.

Once you reach the Megamycete chamber, you’ll place some explosives on it. However, it was never going to be that simple.

Goat of Warding: Before moving past the Megamycete, look to the right of the giant pulsing mass. You’ll see a statue of a woman far off past a pool of black water covered. The goat is at the base of the statue.

Inside, be sure to check the nearest desk to get a look at reports on all the lords: Dimitrescu’s Medical Report, Donna’s Medical Report, Moreau’s Medical Report, and Heisenberg’s Medical Report. Nearby, there’s also a Cadou parasite to inspect, and several photos.

At the table to the left, you can find a Letter From Spencer File. Moving around the large center table, there are more photos and Miranda’s Diary File to look at, as well as a photo of Miranda and her daughter in a small bookcase nearby. When you’re ready, open the nearby cell to get an interesting revelation, and end this sequence.

This completes our walkthrough guide for the finale of Resident Evil Village. Next up is the final boss battle with Mother Miranda herself! Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.