Playing through the newly re-released GoldenEye 007? Available now on Xbox Game PassNintendo Switch Online or for owners of Rare Replay, the game has been given new life. However, for those who have forgotten the game’s challenges, we’ve prepared a GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Statue! This article will cover everything you need to know to complete the tenth level, Statue, on Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties.

Statue is perhaps the easiest level to avoid getting killed in. However, it can also be somewhat of a maze. The Russian soldiers are no problem, just watch out for grenades and shotguns up close. You’ll need to learn the map as you go.

Primary Objectives:

A: Contact Valentin
B: Confront and unmask Janus
C: Locate helicopter
D: Rescue Natalya
E: Find flight recorder

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Statue

You start at the top of a hill by the Park’s gate. Run down the hill and prepare to be ambushed by some guards. Hide behind that stone hand statue and fire your PP7 at them. There should be between three and five guards here.

The path ahead splits here, so follow the left side. There’s a guard hiding behind a statue on the right.

After some distance you’ll find a big gray box. Continue forward until you get to the big red box. This is the real one.

Go inside and meet Valentin. He’ll talk to you about Janus, who will apparently meet you by Lenin’s Statue. Valentin will then walk away (Objective A: Completed).

Head out the door and go straight. When you hit the wall, take a left. Go around the stone brick, and through a small entrance into a closed off area. As you run into this maze, take a left, then look for the giant hand. On the palm side, there is a hidden Body Armour.

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Statue

Run out of the maze and to the side of the hill. Here you’ll find the Lenin statue. Run up to it and soon, Janus will emerge from the shadows. He comes with his bodyguards.

He’ll tell you to put your gun away. Switch to slap and don’t attempt to take a gun back out until noted below (Objective B: Completed).

You now have two choices. You can stay and listen to the evil plans for the Goldeneye Firing Key, (from the Bunker 1 level), the fact that he’s got Natalya trapped in a helicopter rigged to explode, and that the British Government betrayed his parents. Or, you could ignore it all and make a run for it.

Head right towards Trevelyan. He’ll run away, and a timer will start counting down. His guards will fire Auto Shotguns at you, so fire your KF7 Soviet at them. You don’t need to kill them all, but wounding some of them will make your escape easier.

Run through the maze heading to the left. You want to go back the way you came; past Valentin’s hideaway, up the hill and right to the helicopter (Objective C: Completed).

Walk right up to Natalya. She’ll wake up and start following you. Lead Natalya down the hill and the helicopter will explode (Objective D: Completed).

Bond will now order Natalya to wait for him at the park gates. You now have to find the flight recorder. Run down the hill. If you’re unlucky, there might be some guards waiting for you.

The flight recorder appears randomly in the maze like area at the base of the hill. Sometimes it’s easy to find, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s a small orange box. If you go to far away, you’ll get a message saying that “The Flight Recorder could not have been thrown this far from the explosion!”

Once you’ve found the flight recorder (Objective E: Completed) more guards will come. As before, don’t bother trying to kill them. Instead, fire some shots as you run up the hill to wound a few and prevent them from shooting at you.

As you return to Natalya you’ll see she’s been captured again. Don’t shoot these guards. Instead, walk to the gate and open it.

That completes this GoldenEye 007 walkthrough guide: Statue! If you’re struggling with other levels in the game, be sure to check out our guides below:

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