In January, new DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed a tremendous amount of information regarding what would happen in the new DC Universe. Across TV, films and games, there’s a lot of new stuff coming, from old favourites to brand-new appearances. They also unveiled the new “DC Elsewhere” tag. Which is where content outside of the main, connected DC Universe will sit. That includes The Batman Part II, which now has an official release date.

Robert Pattison will return to the role of the dark knight, but you’ll have to wait a couple of years. The Batman Part II isn’t set to arrive until 3rd October 2025. Not much else is known about the project, other than Matt Reeves is back at the helm.

The Batman

A new universe to explore

Reeves previously confirmed that the Penguin spin-off show – starring Colin Farrell – will directly set up The Batman sequel. The director mentions: “There’s actually a whole little fabric of things we’re wanting to do, the way we’re doing with [the] Penguin and how that comes back into how that will lead into the sequel, and what that sequel is going to be.” He is solo reportedly looking at spin-off films about Professor Pyg, Scarecrow, and Clayface. 

So while The Batman Part II might not enjoy being connected to the main DC Universe, it seems as though it’ll get its own Bat-verse instead.

Regarding other DC Elsewhere projects, Gunn and Safran Todd Phillips’ Joker: Folie à Deux with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga coming on 4th October 2024. As well as the ongoing animated series Teen Titans Go! Additionally, J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Ta-Nehisi Coates are working on a separate Superman movie, which has managed to avoid the cull where others, like Wonder Woman 3, did not.

Did you enjoy The Batman? Let us know if you’re looking forward to the sequel.

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