Veteran Kickstarter backers know that sometimes you have to be patient, very patient. Even if a project gets over the first hurdle of successful funding there are still many more to overcome. Cyan, the studio behind the legendary puzzle game Myst held a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2019 for its next title Firmament. Estimating a 2020 release, the videogame was continually delayed, until now. Cyan has revealed the Firmament PC launch date with a console version to come.

Firmament is set to arrive for PC and Mac on 18th May 2023, supporting both flatscreen and virtual reality. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR 2 versions have been confirmed but they don’t have a release date at present.

Firmament PC Launch image3

In the spirit of Myst

Much like its forebear, Firmament is a puzzle-adventure game and does seem to be Myst’s spiritual successor. Offering up a grand steampunk world for players to explore, the videogame will be split across three realms. And just like Cyan’s previous titles, Firmament will have deep storytelling and rich world-building at its core, with each realm having its own secrets and mysteries to solve.

The world of Firmament seems to be devoid of lifeforms apart from yourself and the mysterious Apparition. “You are also joined by a mysterious apparition with a story of her own. This apparition appeared with a message from the woman that left you The Adjunct. She planned to mentor you, but something has gone terribly wrong. Can the spirit be trusted?” notes the game synopsis.

As for The Adjunct, this is a clockwork companion of sorts. It’ll help you solve puzzles by learning your hand gestures.

You can get an idea of the beautiful vistas that await players in the latest trailer below. Will you be picking up Firmament for its PC launch? Or maybe you’re more of a Tin Hearts fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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