Seraphon collectors, you can soon rejoice! As the full contingent of new models will be available to purchase soon. Games Workshop initially teased an improved battle lineup Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s Seraphon in March, this was then followed up by a special Seraphon Army Set pre-order going live in April. Tomorrow, Saturday 27th, pre-orders go live for the entire set of new miniatures.

The Seraphon Army Set featured an exclusive Battletome: Seraphon, 1x Slann Starmaster, 10x Saurus Warriors, 10x Raptadon Hunters and various other goodies. But you couldn’t buy them separately to enhance a pre-existing army. That’s soon to change with nine models to be sold individually.

Age of Sigmar - Seraphon - Battletome
Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon

Seraphon collection

Prices and release dates have yet to be revealed but here are the miniatures available to pre-order this weekend.

But first up there’s the new Battletome: Seraphon. This contains new and updated rules, warscrolls, and pitched battle profiles for every last Seraphon unit and sub-faction, plus fresh Path to Glory rules.

  • Slann Starmaster
  • Skink Starseer
  • Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon
  • Saurus Astrolith Bearer
  • Aggradon Lancers x 3
  • Kroxigor x 3 – Kit can also build Kroxigor Warspawned
  • Raptadon Hunters x 5 – Kit builds five javelin-throwing Raptadon Hunters or lance-wielding Raptadon Chargers
  • Saurus Warriors x 10 – Can wield a celestite spear or club
  • Spawn of Chotec – 1 x Salamander & 3 x Sun Acolytes
Age Of Sigmar - Spawn of Chotec
Spawn of Chotec

Which new Seraphon miniature will you be purchasing first? Unleashing the cosmic energies and spellcasting prowess of the Slann Starmaster? Or how about the physically imposing Kroxigor and their huge hammers to smash through opponents’ feeble defensive lines?

Maybe you’re more of a Soulblight Gravelords collector? Or has the new Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set caught your eye? Which Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army are you currently building? Let us know in the comments below.