The forthcoming Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is currently undergoing a closed beta testing phase. Lucky participants not only get to play the game ahead of its official release, but also are set to receive a special bonus when the game launches in full.

The new bonus for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis closed beta participants is a login reward. The beta is due to end today, so if you’ve received an invitation but haven’t yet participated, now is your last chance to get this bonus!

A variety of items are on offer. These include bonuses which let people unlock more the weapon banners and – as has become a oddly centric part of mobile gaming – play the game more often. There’s also new art and models for Cloud’s three different designs that appear in the game.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis beta

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Beta Bonuses

When you log in to take part in the closed beta, you’ll eventually get two kinds of items. Up to 9,000 Blue Crystals can be earned. These let you pull on the weapon banners gacha. One banner features Glenn & Matt weapons, another is a Barret & Cloud banner. The other new login bonus is six Stamina Tonic (L)s, which let you keep playing missions.

Additionally, the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Cloud art offers his character portrait. This is used during the story. A new battle art features the more detailed 3D model used in fights. The final one is of Cloud’s world map character model.

The Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis closed beta runs until later today, PST. The full game will launch in the near future, though no specific release date has been announced.

Final Fantasy is getting a significant push of late. Not only have we have the recent release of Final Fantasy XVI and this beta, but also the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release is set for early next year. Has there ever been a better time to be a Final Fantasy fan?

Have you been playing the closed beta? What’re your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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