Cooling is an important part of the progression system in Palworld. As your base level increases, so too do the demands placed upon you. Cooling is necessary for building base structures like the Cooler Box, which keeps perishable items like food from spoiling. This guide will help you to learn the best Pals to assign to the cooling task in Palworld.

Cooling is performed by Pals with the Ice-type traits. You’ll find a handful of these Pals early in the game. However, your demand for cooling will significantly increase as you progress. As such, you’ll need to be on the lookout for Pals with a better cooling skill as you reach the later stages.

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Best Pals for Cooling in Palworld Guide

There’s over 100 Pals currently available in Palworld. Here’s a a complete guide to all Pals in Palworld. So choosing the best Pal for cooling in Palworld can be a challenge. Your decision will vary depending on your progress through the game. Let’s start at the start…

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Best Pal for Cooling in Early Game

If you’re just starting out with Palworld, Pengullet is an early option for a Pal to help with cooling. Chillet is a potential option, too, should you be lucky enough to hatch one via an egg. However, both of these will soon be surpassed.

It won’t be long until you find a Penking. This level 2 cooling Pal has numerous other base abilities in addition to cooling. As such, in the early game, it’s likely that Penking will become your best Pal choice for cooling.

Best Pal for Cooling in Late Game

As stated above, once you’ve made some progress in Palworld the demands on your resources and cooling grow significantly. Penking isn’t going to cut it any more.

There is only one Pal in Palworld with a level 4 cooling ability: Frostillion. This can be found in the Land of Absolute Zero. However, it’s quite an ask to travel to this region just for this one Pal. As such, you may be better opting for a Cryolinx instead. These can be found in the Pristine Snow Field and Unthawable Lake regions.

Every Pal with Cooling Skill in Palworld

Still not sure which Pal to use? Below is a complete list of every Pal with the Cooling skill in Palworld. The higher the level of the cooling skillthe quicker they will be at completing tasks!

  • Great – Level 4: Frostillion.
  • Good – Level 3: Ice Kingpaca, Ice Reptyro, Cryolinx.
  • OK – Level 2: Penking, Sweepa, Foxcicle, Reindrix, Vanwyrm Cryst, Sibelyx, Mammorest Cryst, Wumpo.
  • Entry Level – Level 1: Pengullet, Jolthog Cryst, Mau Cryst, Hangyu Cryst, Swee, Chillet.

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