Following the recent launch of RoboCop: Rogue City, NACON is taking a short break from game publishing. Instead, the manufacturer is turning it’s attention to game hardware. The new EVOL-X controller is designed to be a cost-effective Xbox controller, coming in at less than half the price of Microsoft’s own controllers.

The EVOL-X is the latest officially licensed Xbox controller from Nacon. As stated above, it’s designed to offer gamers all of the basics needed in a controller for an affordable price. Easy to use, comfortable and durable, it is ideal for players looking for a new officially licensed Xbox controller on a budget.

EVOL-X Controller - Xbox

EVOL-X Controller Features

The EVOL-X Controller is pretty basic, but does the job it’s intended to do. This isn’t a FUSION 3 Pro or Xbox Elite Controller. It’s a back-to-basics wired controller. And sometimes, that’s just fine. Here’s the list of specifications provided by NACON:

  • Four vibration motors (two in the triggers and two in the grips) so players can feel the game’s sensations right in their hands.
  • Wired USB connection with 3m detachable cable for playing at a comfortable distance from the screen.
  • A reinforced 3.5mm jack for optimal durability.
  • A non-slip surface for optimal grip and comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Larger action buttons to increase ease of use and comfort.
  • Concave stick heads to fit thumbs and improve handling.

EVOL-X Release Date & Pricing

The black and white EVOL-X controllers are already available in stores at the recommended retail price (RRP) of £24.99 GBP. The RGB Pro colour edition is also available, with an RRP of £27.99. These prices are significantly lower than Microsoft’s own controller, which is typically priced around £60. However, the trade-off is of course that the EVOL-X controllers are wired.

Are you in the market for a new Xbox controller? What do you think of the EVOL-X? Let us know in the comments below!

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