Palworld is one of the most popular survival games of the moment. Within this genre, there’s plenty to manage alongside your adventuring, exploration, building and fighting. Palworld doesn’t have the most elegant player levelling system, but it is effective. That is, if you know the best stats to upgrade in Palworld.

For an experienced survival game player, upgrading your stats is a matter of preference. It can build into your preferred playstyle. However, there are fundamental understandings of exactly what each of the stats does to help you make your decision as to what is the best upgrade for you. Read on for details about exactly what each stat does.

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All Palworld Stats & Their Effects

Every time you level up your character in Palworld, you are granted a new Stat Point. These Stat Points can then be spent on a selection of different stats, which include the following:

Stat NameDescription
HPYour health.
StaminaUsed for running or climbing. You will be unable to run or climb once this reaches zero.
AttackIncreases damage output of player attacks (not Pals).
DefenseReduces damage taken.
Work SpeedIncreases the speed of building and other various tasks.
WeightIncreases your carrying capacity. Movement will become slow when over the limit.

Each Stat Point can bring increasingly beneficial improvements to various aspects of the game. If you’re not an experienced survival games player, here’s a handy guide on the best stats to upgrade first in Palworld.

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Best Stats to Upgrade in Palworld

All of the potential Stat upgrades have a noticable effect in Palworld. However, some are vastly more important than others when you’re beginning. For example, the Attack Stat increase is only +2, while the weight increase can offer +50. Early in the game you should rely on Pals for combat while boosting carrying capacity for the rewards defeated enemies drop.

Taking this into account, here’s a guide to the best stats to upgrade in Palworld:

Health1Health is your highest priority. Being defeated in the world means dropping all of your carried items.

Early in the game before you’ve unlocked fast travel points, this can result in a long and difficult journey to retrieve them. Even more so if the world setting is ‘Hard’ difficulty.
Weight2It’s tempting to put everything into your Weight stat to make gathering items easier. However, once you’ve unlocked fast travel points around the map, it becomes less of a priority.

Instead, we recommended investing 3-4 Stat Points early, and then expanding into other areas.
Stamina3Palworld‘s climbing has obviously been borrowed from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And just as in the classic Nintendo Switch game, you’ll want to upgrade it to increase your scope for exploration.

Each Stat Point invested in Stamina will increase your ability to climb, sprint, and attack.
Attack4The Attack Stat only really comes into play late in Palworld. Once you have unlocked the strongest weapons, the benefits will start to come through.

Once you’ve made significant progress, conquered several dungeons and taken down many of the bosses, every Stat Point invested in Attack will offer a greater benefit.
Work Speed5It can be tempting to invest Stat Points in Work Speed to increase the speed of your work. However, Palworld is designed for you to get your Pals to do most of the heavy lifting.

Once you’ve made some progress in the game and caught Pals that have higher levels of base abilities, Stat Points invested in Work Speed can feel like a waste.
Palworld: Best Stats to Upgrade

How to Upgrade Stats

As you accrue more Stat Points through levelling up, you’re going to want to spend them! To do so, enter the Inventory screen and look at the bottom right corner. Here, you’ll see your player stats.

Access this part of the screen and click on the + signs next to the stat you want to upgrade. Simple!

That completes this guide for the best stat points to upgrade in Palworld. If you’re looking for help with any other aspect of the game, check out some of our other Palworld guides below:

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