Eastshade Studios has today announced Songs of Gimmerwick. Currently in development for PC and consoles, Songs of Gimmerwick is a new RPG from the critically acclaimed team behind Eastshade. The game is currently set to launch in 2023.

Songs of Gimmerwick screenshot

The land of Glimmerwick is well known for its university of magic. And as luck would have it, you’re already enrolled! Songs of Gimmerwick invites players to become immersed in a musical woodland fantasy world. Here, casting a spell is as easy as playing a song!

Players will attend classes, grow the university garden, and make friends with classmates and townsfolk. You can explore the island’s many oddities and mysteries in this story-driven witch academy RPG, blending adventure game and life sim mechanics. Players will be able to customise their character’s appearance, and gain experience as they progress. Along the way you may learn new skills which will help you garden, trade, or acquire special abilities, like speaking to frogs!

Three years after their critically-acclaimed release Eastshade, Songs of Glimmerwick follows Eastshade Studios’ mission of creating a sense of place. The team for Songs of Gimmerwick is lead by Lead Designer and Artist Jaclyn Ciezadlo, and Lead Programmer Danny Weinbaum. The pair are working together to create an environment that players will enjoy spending time exploring.

Songs of Gimmerwick screenshot

Songs of Gimmerwick – Music is in the Air!

Songs of Gimmerwick will task players with using the power of music to speak with the trees, enchant tools to work all by themselves, raise the earth to surmount natural impasses, and more. As you can tell from the images on this page, the game will offer a unique art style, and is also promised to be fully voice acted. The studio’s previous work, Eastshade, has a widely respected soundtrack, available to purchase and well worth a listen.

Songs of Gimmerwick will launch in 2023, on PC and consoles. Are you looking forward to a little musical adventuring? Let us know in the comments section below!

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