The Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 is now playable for gamers on Xbox Game PassNintendo Switch Online or owners of Rare Replay. However, for those who can’t remember how to tackle the many objectives of the single-player missions, we’ve prepared a GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Control! This article will cover everything you need to know to complete the sixteenth level, Control, on Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties.

Control is often considered the hardest level in GoldenEye 007, and for good reason. The average player should be able to complete the level no problem, if it wasn’t for the sequence defending Natalya. The difficulty here is that it’s different every time. Read on for details on how to complete the level, and the best tactics for this sequence!

Primary Objectives:

A: Protect Natalya
B: Disable Goldeneye satellite
C: Destroy armored mainframes

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Control

You begin the level precisely where you finished the previous, Jungle. Be careful when playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, as the area is booby trapped.

Open the elevator door, but stay put. Crouch, turn a little to the left and move back. You should see a hovering drone gun.

Once that first gun is destroyed, exit the elevator and go up to the corner. Fire a few shots to attract
the attention of three nearby guards.

After the shootout get ready for another drone gun. Approach the wall of the corner, and slowly sidestep to the right. A drone gun will begin firing, but if you’re positioned correctly its bullets will hit the wall.

Carefully move out from behind this corner and walk around the next corner. Now, aim for the ceiling and you should get a good shot at the rear the last drone gun.

As stated earlier, there are no drone guns on Agent. So, the rest of this GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Control applies to all difficulties.

Go around the bend where the drone gun was and take out the two guards. There’s also another in a small hallway on the side of the room opposite.

Head back to the elevator and grab Natalya. She will make a comment about your physical condition, then follow you to the computer on the wall where that last guard was.

Natalya will start trying to open the door. Once complete, head through and get ready to take out the two guards on the far side of the hall.

There are more guards ahead, and they have a tendency to use grenades. It’s advisable to crouch as you head down the hallway. You should find some ammo and Remote Mines, the latter of which is very important.

After you’ve eliminated all the guards, continue to the next room. There are also two more in the room after the rock hallway. Head up the stairs and over to the door at the top. Equip Remote Mines and throw one on the door, then detonate it. You’ll get two guards lurking behind the door, before two more come running out towards you.

After that shootout, walk through that door and down the next flight of stairs. Through the next door will bed Boris. Don’t shoot him! Boris will try to defend himself by pulling out a gun, which you can easily take from him simply by walking up to him. If you don’t, he will drop it. Turn around and Boris will shout his famous line, “I am Invincible!”

Don’t immediately follow him. Instead, Equip your Remote Mines and throw one mine on each of the computer terminals. Don’t detonate them just yet. Head up the stairs, fire a few shots and run back down. This will attract to Janus who can easily be taken out as they descend.

Head all the way to the top of the stairs and take a left. At the end of this hallway is a Body Armour.

Run back down to the second floor. At the end of each of those hallways is another computer terminal. Once again, throw a Remote Mine on each, but don’t detonate them.

Go back to the first floor and open the only other unlocked door on that floor next to the one you came through. But be careful as you do, as there are two drone guns in that room. Back far enough away so that they can’t shoot you, but you can shoot them. Some soldiers will also come out of the room to get you, but they can easily be dealt with.

Once these guards and drone guns are dealt with, proceed with caution. Move into the hallway that separates the drone gun room with the room where Boris was. Carefully face right and sidestep from the corner into the room. If you get it just right, you can knock out a drone gun where it can’t see you. Repeat the process with the second drone gun on the opposite side.

Finally, you can run into the room. There is a terminal all the way at the back of the room on the right side. Throw a mine on it, but still refrain from detonating.

Once the mine has been placed, run back up to the second floor via the back stairs and take a left. Open the door that’s built into the rock. Go through it, and find Natalya.

Run down into the control room and Natalya will run up to the computer and start typing. Stand right behind her. From this vantage point, you should be able to turn so that you can see both sets of stairs, as well as the panes of glass on the far left and right. These are the places where guys will come from.

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Control

It’s advisable to shoot the tables to clear the area. However, be sure not to shoot the computer in the middle. Doing this will cause you to fail the mission.

After a few seconds, an alarm will go off and Jungle Commandos will start coming. Make sure you keep turning and looking at both sets of spiral stairs, as those are the main places they come from. Don’t waste time shooting the guards at the top, instead get them as they run down the stairs. Some will run over to the back of the room to go for Natalya, so be wary of them.

Most importantly of all, watch the glass at the far left and far right of the room. Guards will often come from behind there and go for Natalya. If you hear the sound of breaking glass, drop everything and turn around to check those panes of glass.

After a long and difficult shootout, Natalya will deactivate the Goldeneye satellite (Objective B: Completed) and run away. While Natalya is running, shoot any guys that are right in front of her, or
about to shoot her. As soon as she gets out of site, take the nearest exit behind one of the panes of glass that a guard shot out for you.

Natalya should escape (Objective A: Completed) at this point. Head to the right at the back of the stairs, and then to the left of where the room where the drone guns were.

There is a guard at the other end of the room, and shooting him will attract more. You will also be chased at this point, so head through the door ahead and close it behind you.

The last mainframe is here, so throw a Remote Mine on the glass, then get away and detonate all of them! There should be several explosions, blowing up every terminal (Objective C: Completed).

Open the next door and shoot the guard, then around the boxes and head left Trevelyan will shout something at you, but that doesn’t matter. Simply keep running and shoot any guards ahead of you. No need to kill them – just distract them as you head into the elevator to complete the level!

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